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    Hello Friends,

          Welcome to “ ” a Hindi motivational Blog. Our motive behind running this Blog is to make it a vast source of inspiration for hindi lovers from all over the world. To achieve great success or Goal in life, positive thinking is the first condition and maintain it,  Motivation is necessary. Through Motivational Quotes, Lifestyle, Good Health, Personality Development and Self Improvement tips available on .Not only will your overall positive personality develop, but it will also infuse new ‘Passion’ and we are confident that will help you in this Journey.

   This Blog mainly focus on High quality Motivational/Inspirational Articles which:
  •  Provide you the solution of almost every problem.
  •  Helps you to Level up your skills.
  • Teaches you to manage your precious time.  
  •  Make you a better and positive person.  
  • Teach you to get out of your comfort zone.
  •  Teach you how to live a happy and successful life.
  •  Teach you to how to cultivate a new habit.
  •  Teaches you how to be healthy.
  •  Increase your self-esteem.

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   Hello Friends,

 I’m  SATYA PRAKASH, Founder and CEO of “ LIFE WITH SATYA “.     I’m professional Blogger, Explorer, Photographer and also social guy from Lucknow, UTTAR PRADESH( INDIA ). I love Blogging and social activities. So, I started “ LIFE WITH SATYA “ Blog for spread Motivation and self improvement. My Blog have comprehensive collection of self improvement Articles focusing on productivity, motivation and confidence.

I like reading motivational books that provide the strength for successful Life. I also like spending time with my family. As far as my skills and strengths are concerned I am a good writer, Reader, speaker, Listener, thinker and communicator. Also I am a hard working individual who would like to do things with perfection.

If  I would talk about my nature then I would say that I am honest and straight forward man who would not compromise with any dishonesty in life or in work. I am also polite and introvert person, which is why I have just few friends but Good ones.

I live a simple life keeping God as my priority is all aspects of my life, because I believe that without God the life is empty, meaningless, worthless, ruthless and hopeless. Therefore, it is must to know God and keep a healthy relationship with him in order to live a blessed, peaceful and Joyful LIFE. 



CITY           : LUCKNOW

If you have any Questions or Suggestions then please contact me using below E-mail Address.

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